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The Beaches Community Garden aims to serve as an educational source for sustainable living practices and responsible resource management within our community. There are many different ways to partake in our programs, such as guided educational garden tours, workshops, and “good food” presentations. For more about our Children’s Programs, please go here.

Adult Workshops

Workshops will cover many aspects of organic gardening and sustainable living. Please email Dave the Plant Man or call (904) 673-6930 for more info!

Sampling of Our Programs


Explore how to grow garden vegetables from seed. Learn what to plant for fall, how to sprout, water, fertilize and transplant your seeds for plant health and vitality. Participants will leave with 3 planted seed varieties and resources for success.


Expand your garden’s health with an exploration of the mysteries of soil including amendments for Florida soil, soil testing, composting, organic fertilization, basic microbiology and mycology.


Florida organic gardening often can be a challenge. Learn how to detect garden obstacles before they get out of hand. Gather knowledge on helpful and harmful insects, how to detect fungus, fertilization as prevention and remediation, and what N-P-K means.

Creative Containers and Trellising

Explore unique and unusual ways to successfully container garden on the oceanfront, trellis your garden plants, and create container gardens to get plants off the ground for maximum space and air flow using a variety of materials.

Harvesting and the Benefits of Family Gardening

Learn when to harvest your delicious home grown veggies and fruits for maximum flavor and freshness. Discover the many physical, psychological, nutritional, developmental and therapeutic benefits that a family garden can bring to children and adults, and to the earth in both the short and long term.

Guided Garden Tours

Our garden tours are a great way to learn a little bit about organic gardening while observing many different approaches taken by members of our community. We offer this to individuals and groups for a suggested donation of $2/person. During the tour, we get to taste and smell different herbs, learn a few native plants and a bit about composting, see the way the community garden function s, and learn what vegetable crops are doing well during particular seasons. For school groups, you can also bring a bag lunch or snack and enjoy it at the picnic tables in the Garden. Please contact us to make an appointment.

“Good Food” Presentations

Schedule a presentation at your school, church, organization, or place of employment and help spread knowledge about local food, sustainable agriculture and home gardening! Our presentations can be customized for any age level and time period and can include a gardening/seeding activity if desired. Donations are appreciated.

Sponsors of A Healthier Future

We are very grateful to the following businesses and groups that have shown their support for the mission of good food for all.

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